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A never before offered route to San Nicolas, aka Sunrise City Aruba,  as we take you to the most authentic Aruban tour that we – the local people – love!

Sunrise City ATV Tour Rate Card:
Single $ 115.00 | Double $ 150.00
Tour time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Free pick-up and drop-off - approx. 30 min prior

Safety helmet

Water bottles

Tour pictures

First location that we gather is our starting point at the Dirt Lovers Aruba Headquarters in Papilon, Sta. Cruz. Here, our guests get a briefing on all the local traffic rules, hand gestures used by our tour guides, operation and instructions of the ATV vehicles followed by reading, acknowledging and signing of our waiver forms.

Second: Once set, we line-up and take off to San Nicolas. This is an

iconic sightseeing coastline drive as we take you along the south Barcadera coast, passing by our national broadcasting TV station ‘Telearuba’ and the beautiful Mangel Halto Beach continuing along the Santo Largo - Savaneta’s beach coastline, towards Zeewijk beach entering San Nicolas, aka Sunrise City Aruba.

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Mangel Halto Beach 

Third: Downtown San Nicolas

Also declared:
‘Aruba’s Next Cultural Capital’

by the Caribbean Journal

Here one can enjoy many historical buildings like the Theresita Church, Museum of Industry located in the iconic Water Tower, the Nicolaas Store and the famous Charlie’s Bar, not to mention the vibrant street art and striking murals covering the many buildings.

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Fourth: Baby Beach & Colorado point lighthouse

After stopping in San Nicolas, we head to Seroe Colorado towards the unique Baby Beach – a shallow family friendly white sandy beach.


Off-roading trail starts on the way to the Colorado point where we stop at the Colorado point lighthouse which was originally built in 1881 from stone and wood, however, most of what was built does no longer remain. The top lighthouse floor also provides a clear view of the oil refinery which was built in 1924 and also the location of the islands’ first hospital which was built in 1950.

Baby Beach 

ROgERS Beach 


"Welcome to

Colorado Hills"

Fifth: One of the island's most glorious:
Colorado Bridge, Red Anchor, Frenchman Pass & The Balashi Gold Mill

We continue further along to one of the most photographed marks on the island, the Red Anchor which originally belonged to an oil tanker in the year 1960. This tanker, dropped anchor about 16 miles south of the oil refinery but something went wrong and consequently the anchor went lost. The idea came from Mr. Charlie Brown Jr. to dedicate it to ‘all sea men,’ and was so placed on this iconic spot on March 31, 1985.


Continuing our drive along the Grapefield beach – a 600 meters long untouched beauty. Followed by a one of its kind 40-minute country side drive along the Frenchman pass heading towards the Bushiribana Pool. The Frenchman pass is a narrow passage on the island, between coral cliffs above the area known as Spanish Lagoon. From the pass one can see the remains of the Balashi Gold Mill.


The Frenchman Pass

In the early 17th century French pirates tried to invade Aruba and they were confronted by Indians in this narrow passage above Spanish Lagoon.


After this encounter, the passage became known as “Franse Pas” in Dutch or “Rooi Frances” in Papiamento, which translates to “Frenchman Pass” in English.


Because the French managed to conquer the territory. 

Bushiribana Pool - The “Cave Pool":

This recently discovered “Gem,” found by locals also referred as, “The Cave Pool,” is located on the north east side by the ruins. It is a private secluded turquoise natural pool where one can enjoy the clear waters while taking advantage of this colorful setting to shoot those memorable vacation pictures with your loved ones. Here, we stay for 30-45 minutes before we head back to our starting point, Sta. Cruz.


"Bushiribana Pool"